real science for today's homeschooler

There will not be room in the 2016-17 REACH schedule to accommodate Honors Anatomy & Physiology. This course is available as a private “home group” class, time and schedule permitting. Please see details below and then contact Cheryl if you are interested in learning more.

Organization: Home groups are arranged through a sponsoring parent who is willing to organize a group of interested students and arrange a location to hold the class. The teacher works with the sponsoring parent to set class dates, times, etc. The sponsoring parent is responsible for collecting tuition from participating students, etc.

Cost: A private class is $6000 per course for up to 8 students. Payment must be made for a full semester: $3000 due before the first class of the semester. (Tuition costs cover all lab materials, copies, and other classroom supplies. Students will be responsible for purchasing a textbook and typical school supplies.) Please note, no refunds will be given if any or all students drop the course before the end of the semester. The teacher will have already purchased materials for the semester and reserved time to teach the class.

Location: The course can either be taught in the sponsoring parent’s home, a location secured by the sponsoring parent, or in the teacher’s home. Class meeting location is arranged with the sponsoring parent.

Class Length and Timing: Each course will last 30 weeks, meeting 1.5 hours per week. All tests (except lab practicals) will be taken between classes with a parent proctor so class time is not used for testing. (Private class students are also eligible to participate in any of the online office hour sessions scheduled for REACH students. They are also encouraged to contact the teacher by email at any time.) Class meetings may begin at any time and do not have to coincide with the REACH calendar. Class meeting dates will be determined through the cooperation of the sponsoring parent and the teacher.