real science for today's homeschooler

The following supplies are needed by middle school students taking a Taylor Made Science class. Please purchase all supplies before the first day of class. Allow time for textbook deliveries, etc.


Students need their own copy of the textbook used for their class. Used copies work just fine and can usually be purchased through online sources such as or When ordering, please double check with the vendor to make sure they are sending the correct ISBN. Different editions often have the same cover and may look the same from the outside!

Science Detectives: The Nature of Science and Technology (ISBN: 0-13-201160-3) AND Forensic Science (ISBN: 0-13-362746-2)

Earth & Space Science: Earth Science (ISBN: 0-07-861700-6)

Additional Middle School Supplies:

The following school supplies are also needed. If you have any questions about any of the supplies, please contact the teacher at

folder with brads – to be used strictly as a lab notebook
colored pencils
writing utensil
notebook paper for homework (no pages torn from spirals, etc.)
organization system such as a binder or folder (lab folder may not be used for other classwork)
stapler available at home to staple together multiple page assignments