real science for today's homeschooler

Taylor Made Science offers a series of science courses designed to prepare students for success in science at the university level. The series includes two years of preparatory middle school science and four years of high school science, most being at the Honors or Advanced Placement level.

Class sizes are kept small to give students the best experience possible. Small lab groups allow students plenty of hands-on time with the science equipment and small classes allow more one-on-one interaction between students and teacher. And, although the classes only meet once a week, the teacher is available to every student by appointment through online office hours, and through email at any time.

The middle school science courses are designed to prepare the middle school student for success in honors level high school courses. They are both very hands-on courses, designed to give students a thorough background in science process and lab skills. No previous science experience or knowledge is required. For many middle schoolers, this is their first class taken away from home, and time is spent to help students adjust to a more formal classroom setting.

The high school science courses are designed to give students an educational experience equivalent to what they would receive in an honors level class in public or private school. All courses meet state requirements in curriculum and laboratory work. Students will use traditional “state adopted” textbooks, complete course-appropriate science laboratory experiments, and keep a science lab notebook throughout the course. Upon successful completion of a course, students will have a thorough grade report and lab notebook documenting the course work completed. Taylor Made Science offers a full high school science curriculum that covers all science courses required for the new Foundation Diploma, as well as courses needed to earn several Endorsements.

For a list of available science courses with descriptions of each, please see the course descriptions page. The high school course offerings do change from year to year, based on interest and space available. To find out which courses will be offered during the 2018-19 school year, please see the 2018-19 schedule. Taylor Made Science also offers several distance learning courses (World Geography and Health) to help students get the credits they need.