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If you need a recommendation letter for college admissions, an academic program application, job application, etc., please complete the following steps:

1. Submit your request at least 2 weeks in advance of the deadline. It takes time to write a good recommendation and go through the submission process.

2. Email the details to Mrs. Taylor at She needs all the information about how and where to submit, what the recommendation is for, the deadline, etc. Also, send information about yourself, such as what you want to do as a career, what you plan to major in in college, academic achievements, etc. The more information you give, the more “personal” the recommendation will be.

3. If there is a choice, opt to have the recommendation sent directly to the organization. In general, recommendations that students do not see are given much more weight than those that go to the student first.

4. If your recommendation needs to be mailed, please provide copies of any forms that need to be filled out AND a stamped, pre-addressed envelope that can be used to mail the recommendation.

5. If the teacher will be sent an email notification directly from the organization, be sure to let Mrs. Taylor know it is coming. These emails often get stuck in the spam filter and it will go unnoticed unless you follow up to make sure it was received.