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Inexpensive microscope substitute

One of the most expensive pieces of science equipment to purchase for home studies is a microscope. A good microscope is really a necessity for middle and high school studies, but there’s a cheaper alternative for the earlier grades. You can purchase an “illuminated pocket microscope” for anywhere from $10-$30, depending on the light source and magnification level. It’s definitely limited in what it will do, and it’s no substitute for a real microscope at the secondary level. But, for elementary studies, it will magnify objects well enough for children to see details they can’t see with a regular magnifying glass.

A quick internet search for “illuminated pocket microscope” will give you many sources from which to purchase one. Amazon has a wide selection. I haven’t found that any one brand works better than another. Just make sure it has a light source, and choose the magnification level based on how much you want to spend.

Be aware that the object being viewed must be held close to the pocket microscope, children must be able to look through a small eyepiece with one eye, and it isn’t made for viewing traditional slides. The light will shine on the surface of the object being viewed, not through it like a compound light microscope. You can check out a few different types being demonstrated by watching this utube video.

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