real science for today's homeschooler
Where to get science supplies?

It’s a constant struggle for homeschool parents to include science labs in their curriculum because of the supplies and equipment required. That’s why I try to include only labs and activities that can be completed with household materials. But, there will be times when you want to include some basic science materials in your home studies. So, where do you buy science stuff?

I buy from a number of vendors, usually basing my decision on cost, quality, and availability. I’m often able to get a “good deal” based on quantity that doesn’t apply when you’re buying for one or two children. The best company I’ve found to purchase good quality science supplies in small quantities is Home Science Tools. They cater to homeschool parents and sell quite a few “kits” that make science experiments more doable at home. Orders are delivered quickly, and almost always correctly. I’ve only had a problem with an order one time in a number of years. The customer service department was quick to respond and went out of their way to fix the problem and make sure I was satisfied.


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