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BLOG: Ideas for Elementary

  • How do colors affect temperature absorption?
    How do colors affect temperature absorption?
    We’ve all heard the fashion sayings . . . “never wear white after Labor Day” . . . “pastel colors should be worn at Easter” . . . etc. You know the traditions, but did you know they are actually based on science? The color of the […]...
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  • Testing the pH of Soap
    Testing the pH of Soap
    We usually think of soap as being a very mild substance that is good for the skin. But, the cleansing effect of soap is due, in part, to the fact that it is a basic substance. Some soaps can dry out the skin, or even damage skin […]...
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  • What is my Ecological Footprint?
    What is my Ecological Footprint?
    Our children have a very egocentric view of life and, through limited life experience, they typically assume everyone has the same type of lifestyle as they do. While we talk a lot about conservation, how do we really measure up to other people? As you study ecology […]...
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  • Water Conservation
    Water Conservation
    How many times do you have to remind your kids . . . “Turn off the water!” . . . or, “Turn off the light when you leave the room!” Kids are forgetful and they sometimes need help developing good conservation habits. Here’s a simple activity that […]...
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  • Fingerprints
    A fun way to teach kids about their skin is through an activity on fingerprints. The skin has two layers: the dermis and the epidermis. The epidermis is the layer of dead cells on the outside of the body that waterproofs and protects the living tissues underneath. […]...
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