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BLOG: Ideas for Elementary

  • Roadcuts - Windows to the Past
    Roadcuts – Windows to the Past
    The next time you’re traveling with the kids and need to stop for a break, look for a roadcut with a large safe shoulder to walk around. Call attention to the rock layers visible on the surface of the cut, and ask children for their ideas about what […]...
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  • How do you rate in general Scientific Knowledge?
    How do you rate in general Scientific Knowledge?
    Here’s an interesting Science Quiz done by the Pew Research Center. It contains some basic science knowledge questions in multiple choice format. Take the quiz and then see how you score against average American adults. You can also find overall results based on demographics. Follow another link […]...
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  • Earthquake Waves
    Earthquake Waves
    The general properties of waves can be investigated through an activity on earthquakes. First, have your child research the three different types of earthquake waves. Encourage them to find the following information about each wave: 1. name of the wave 2. how quickly it travels compared to […]...
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  • Yeast - Examining Living Cells
    Yeast – Examining Living Cells
    Yeast . . . it turns grapes into wine . . . it makes bread rise . . . but did you know it’s actually a living one-celled fungus? Yeast provides a safe way for children to observe a few of the life processes of living cells. […]...
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  • Separating a Mixture
    Separating a Mixture
    A mixture contains two or more substances that are not chemically combined. Each substance retains its original properties, and can be separated by physical means. Challenge your student to design a method to separate a mixture into its separate components. First, you’ll need to make the mixture […]...
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