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BLOG: Ideas for Elementary

  • Invisible Ink as a Chemical Reaction
    Invisible Ink as a Chemical Reaction
    Kids love spy gadgets and mystery! Use homemade invisible ink to write secret notes, then teach your child the science behind the process used to reveal the hidden messages. There are many ways to make invisible ink. To use one of the safest methods, just use a […]...
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  • Dinosaur Tracks
    Dinosaur Tracks
    Scientists often have to use indirect evidence to infer information about extinct species. Children (and adults!) often find it hard to understand how a footprint can tell a scientist anything about the animal that made it. Use this “mystery solving” activity to help explain how information can […]...
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  • Learning about Buoyancy in the Pool
    Learning about Buoyancy in the Pool
    Buoyancy seems like a simple concept, but to fully understand it on a scientific level can be a challenge for students. Introduce the concept to your younger elementary kids in a fun way while playing in the pool this summer! Buoyancy is based on Archimedes’ Principle that […]...
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  • Teaching Kids about Consumerism and Conservation
    Teaching Kids about Consumerism and Conservation
    Let’s face it, the advertising world targets your kids every day. What child hasn’t been disappointed after saving for months for a toy, only to find it doesn’t measure up to what the commercial promised? In my science classes I teach my students how science can be […]...
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  • Inexpensive microscope substitute
    Inexpensive microscope substitute
    One of the most expensive pieces of science equipment to purchase for home studies is a microscope. A good microscope is really a necessity for middle and high school studies, but there’s a cheaper alternative for the earlier grades. You can purchase an “illuminated pocket microscope” for […]...
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