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BLOG: Ideas for Elementary

  • Cloud in a Glass
    Cloud in a Glass
    As you’re studying weather, take a few minutes to make a cloud in a glass to help explain the process of condensation and cloud formation. What you’ll need: clear glass or jar, kitchen matches, ice cubes, small plate or pan that will completely cover top of glass...
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  • Don't Miss the Supermoon!
    Don’t Miss the Supermoon!
    On November 14-15, 2016 we’ll experience a “Super Moon.” A full moon that is bigger and brighter than usual because the moon will actually be about 400,000 kilometers closer to Earth than normal. The last Super Moon occurred in 1948 and you’ll have to wait until 2034...
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  • Using Popcorn to Practice Scientific Method
    Using Popcorn to Practice Scientific Method
    This is a fairly common science fair project that I actually helped my grandson carry out for an elementary science fair. It’s definitely not a new idea, but a great way to let children work through the scientific method using a fun topic . . . POPCORN!...
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  • Roadcuts - Windows to the Past
    Roadcuts – Windows to the Past
    The next time you’re traveling with the kids and need to stop for a break, look for a roadcut with a large safe shoulder to walk around. Call attention to the rock layers visible on the surface of the cut, and ask children for their ideas about what...
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  • How do you rate in general Scientific Knowledge?
    How do you rate in general Scientific Knowledge?
    Here’s an interesting Science Quiz done by the Pew Research Center. It contains some basic science knowledge questions in multiple choice format. Take the quiz and then see how you score against average American adults. You can also find overall results based on demographics. Follow another link...
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